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Nature Park Ucka

Učka, a mountain in the eastern part of Istria; it stretches in the total length of 20 km from the Poklon pass to the Plomin Bay.

It has an aspect of a prominent sheer rock, with peaks descending toward the south: Plas (1,285 m), the highest peak Vojak (1,401 m), Suhi Vrh (1,333 m), Brgud (907 m), Kremenjak (827 m) and Sisol (835 m). Učka represents an important climatic barrier which forces air masses to rise. With its luxuriant vegetation Ucka differs very much from other mountains. It is getting comfortable cold in the forest at the summer time. It is beautiful view from the tops. The main enter to Učka is the Poklon Pass; from Istria side is the main enter from Lugpoglav.

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Nature Park UckaNature Park Ucka
Nature Park UckaNature Park Ucka
Natural park Učka
Nature Park UckaNature Park Ucka
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